I volunteer at Hack Oldham and every so often a unqiue problem comes up at the Digital Drop in we run every saturday – come down if you ever need any help we’re a friendly bunch! A few weeks ago a musician came in and asked how to upload his latest album to YouTube, simple you may say. This is where some people would just upload a video, one track after another and a lovely engaging black screen!


Would you watch this?


So we moved on to how can he make his YouTube video more engaging to potential fans and clients. We began to work through some potential ideas for the slideshow on screen, and eventually settled on photos of the local area and the band performing. The next question then? How do we get these printed paper – I know Old School – photo’s onto a digital video. We scanned them in, cropped them down and moved on to editing them together.

So how did this relate to what I do?

You don’t always need a website straight away, or facebook, twitter etc. However, you do need to consider your digital pressence, even if that’s just having your content up there for others to view and I could go on and on about how many platforms there are across the internet to get yourwork seen. It depends what you want out of it but a lot of potential clients or publishers will ask for an online version fo your work to view, after all we are in the digital age. One of the many aspects of my work that I enjoy is seeing people benefit when making the first steps on the internet and their online image with my help along the way.