Exploring Yorkshire Air Museum’s Open Cockpit Day 2023

If you have a passion for aviation, there’s a special day each year at the Yorkshire Air Museum that’s bound to make your heart soar. The open cockpit day at this remarkable museum is an aviation enthusiast’s dream come true. I had the privilege of attending this year’s event, and I’m excited to share my experiences and photos.

Located in North Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Air Museum boasts an impressive collection of historic aircraft. At the open cockpit day, the rich history of aviation comes to life as the public explores these preserved aircraft up close. Here are a few examples of the aircraft that clearly went down well with the visitors while expertly explained by the volunteers.

A special addition to the event was the attendance of Flight Lieutenant Keith Saunders who was a navigation trainer on Meteor NF14 WS788 and flew his very last flight in her. He brought a selection of Meteor kit and more stories than we’ll ever have time for! The visitors really enjoyed hearing these, and he was clearly happy with how well his jet was being looked after.

As always, the events won’t be possible without the team of volunteers behind it all who put effort in through the year and turn out on days like this to share their passion with the public. I look forward to being back for next year’s event.