I am an all-round technology geek! A member of Hack Oldham and interested in web design and technologies. I also have worked on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and various other IOT (internet of things) projects. I also have been involved in projects such as assisting other members of Hack Oldham in the development of a mobile phone controlled Dalek. (See @dalekbob on twitter). I also run several meetups such as the WordPress user group where I give up 2 hours of my time to help anyone from any background build their sites effectively.

I am an avid supporter of anyone who teaches and work to promote the sacrifice teachers of any sort make to improve the lives of others through various means to raise public awareness on the subject.

My achievements

I have been part of the winning teams at two hackathons – both two-day coding competitions where I learned a lot about websites and development itself. I was lucky enough for one of my solutions to go into production take a look at my portfolio to see this