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I’m proudly a complete geek about all things aviation and technology. I visited my first air show when I was 11 years old and from there fell in love with aviation. Being in a technical role all day, I soon found a passion for a more creative hobby and joined a local photography group to bring me some inspiration. In 2018, I finally attended an air show for the first time in 7 years (RAF Cosford Air Show 2018). It was then that I found my love for aviation photography which continued to grow. Two more air shows (Southport and Flying Legends) in 2019 continued to inspire me. 

Then came 2020. The year started well with a visit to the RAF Museum Cosford for my first aviation night photoshoot. The event, run by Threshold.aero, was a great success and a photo I took there continues to be one of my favourites. March to September was lacking in photographic opportunity due to the COVID-19 lockdown but I was straight back out there once I could be. In September 2020 I attended a night shoot at Shoot Aviation at White Waltham airfield, again a Threshold.aero event. An unplanned visit from Hurricane R4118 led to the best photo of the year, the stars aligned and it was perfect (to me anyway!)

In 2021, I made another big step in my journey. The Centre Of Aviation Photographers launched its membership programme. I immediately registered as a member and from then onwards, I have met some inspiring fellow photographers and continue to improve my work. The past two years have been filled with more shoots and trips including as far away as Yeovilton to something a little close to home when I shot airside at Manchester Barton Aerodrome. I post regularly on my Instagram page, but I also post to this site to maintain an archive and add some more detail about my images.

Want to use one of my images, maybe there’s something interesting happening in the aviation world that you might want to tell me about, or you just want to get in touch? You can contact me here.