Airborne Legacies


Airborne Legacies is a project that aims to tell the stories of restored aircraft and the people who breathe new life into them.

Keiran Wilkinson is a photographer based in Manchester, UK. In his day job he works on bespoke software systems and uses photography as a creative outlet from an otherwise very logical and structured day at the office.

Keiran attended his first air show aged 11 and has been fascinated by aviation ever since. This interest has taken Keiran to many places around the UK and further afield. This project was inspired by a visit to the Yorkshire Air Museum where Graham Buckle and Scott Clayton (featured in this project) were repainting the restored Buccaneer XV168, Keiran enjoyed telling the story and set about documenting the effort of other dedicated volunteers in the aviation space.

While it’s not all about the gear, Keiran uses a less typical setup of an Olympus Micro Four Thirds system. He favours this for its portability and ease of use.